Enhancing Turbine Performance with Evaporative Cooling Systems

Introduction: Power plant operators, especially those overseeing gas turbines, understand the pivotal role of efficient cooling systems in maintaining optimal turbine performance. Among these cooling systems, evaporative cooling stands out as a critical component that significantly influences a turbine’s output and longevity. In this article, we’ll delve into the importance of evaporative cooling systems, shedding READ MORE

Air Filtration: Essential for Combustion Engines

Air filtration plays an essential role in ensuring the efficient and safe operation of combustion engines (gasoline engines, diesel engines, gas-turbine engines, and rocket-propulsion systems…), which find applications in various sectors such as automotive, marine, and industrial. By removing harmful contaminants from the air, air filtration safeguards these engines from damage and optimizes their performance. READ MORE

Retrofitting and upgrading air filtration equipment

Pro-Solution TM is an innovative provider of critical parts for power plants. Our parts are essential in retrofitting and upgrading air filtration equipment resulting in an output increase of turbines and reciprocating engines.   The design is robust and the parts are fabricated from low carbon stainless steel, in controlled environment in order to reduce READ MORE

Custom Air Filtration Solutions

Introducing Custom Air Filtration Solutions: Tailored Filtration for Company’s Unique Needs   At PRO-SOLUTION TM, we understand that your company has its own set of challenges and values that set it apart from the rest. That’s why our air filtration equipment is designed specifically to address your engine’s unique requirements. With our equipment, you can align READ MORE

Importance of the site survey

Site surveys are a critical stage in the beginning of a project as they provide a detailed understanding of the existing conditions and constraints of the site. This information is essential for planning and designing the project, and for ensuring that the final product meets the needs of the client. Site surveys should be performed READ MORE

Fulfilling customer needs

We believe that the best way to create a successful product is to focus on the needs of the customer and to build a product that solves their problems. We do not design nor build in or products features that the customer doesn’t need. This is because we believe that it is important to focus READ MORE

The leadership of our company is the customer

The leadership of our company is the customer. This means that we are always looking for ways to improve our products and services to meet the needs of our customers. We are also constantly listening to feedback from our customers and making changes to our business based on what they tell us. We believe that READ MORE

Turbine upgrade – Ivory Coast

Currently, one of Pro-Solution TM’s team member is in Ivory coast to upgrade an existing air filtration unit. The scope of this upgrade consists in adapting the current filter frames to accommodate one extra filtration stage. For this upgrade we have used the unique tightening design made by PSTM. This this will improve the efficiency READ MORE